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Full Life Cycle Work

Most of our Client’s projects start with an idea which we then turn into a real system. This is not always easy – ideas are just that, with little concrete information to work from. This is why we avoid specifying very detailed information up front and instead work interatively with you to deliver exactly what you need. This also allows requirements to change along the way. We use Agile methods (predominantly Scrum) throughout, adapting to requirements changes and ensuring good communication takes place. It is after all your project not ours – we work together as one team to ensure the best possible job is done.

We are also very transparent . You as the product owner will see all tasks carried out, keep control of priorities and ensure all the important things are done first, within budget and on time. We use Microsoft’s Azure DevOps (aka VSTS/TFS) for tracking all work items.
Contracts may be on a short or long term basis, to suit the client as necessary. For larger projects we usually adopt the time and materials (T&M) model as this usually works out better for both parties (aka you only pay for what you really need).

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