Your intranet should be central to employee engagement, yet an all-too-frequent reality is that a poorly designed and configured intranet frustrates users who then neglect the platform. Our user-centred design approach ensures your Sharepoint intranet becomes a pleasure for employees to engage with. We leverage the power and versatility of Sharepoint to create sites that showcase work, share information, create document repositories across various audiences, and train employees or customers.

  • Consulting

    We collaborate with clients to create project strategies and plans, considering desired business outcomes, users and usability as well as change management requirements.

  • Design & Development

    User stories are translated into compelling interfaces and interactive experiences, which our developers then bring to life. Apps such as Flow and PowerApps provide allow for integration with your core platforms.

  • Migration

    Sharepoint migrations often fail as their complexity is underestimated. Our team has evolved a rigorous Sharepoint migration process which has delivered seamless results in numerous migration projects.

  • Teams

    The popularity of Teams has skyrocketed since the advent of Covid, yet most organisations aren’t exploiting the tool’s full potential. Integrating Sharepoint into Teams, and embedding power apps into Team tabs puts your experience of Teams on steroids. Attaching workflows which automatically execute upon file uploads, assists tremendously in the effective use of Teams within your context.

  • Support

    We offer range of support options, usually influenced by your internal capability and business criticality of the system. Support options range from ad hoc support, through to Service Level Agreements detailing response times and other details, and featuring a dedicated online support desk.

  • Training & Adoption

    User adoption is the holy grail of any software platform, and Sharepoint solutions are no different. We address this in two ways: firstly, by providing thorough training on the system, and secondly by creating campaigns which employ gamification principles to make getting to know the platform fun for users.